Staying comfortable in the heat of summer can be a challenge for both you and your garden. When the days are long, dry and hot, garden mulch helps keep your plants thriving and your garden in top shape. Here are some reasons why garden mulch is your summer saviour:

1. Fantastic for Moisture Retention: Use Less Water in your Garden!

While we all relish the idea of basking in the sun and enjoying long summer evenings, the reality is that the relentless summer heat can be harsh, especially in various parts of our beautiful country. Gardens bear the brunt of the heat, and without diligent watering, many plants struggle to survive the weeks of unyielding sunshine. Daily watering can also quickly dent your wallet.

Plants deprived of consistent moisture become stressed, rendering them more susceptible to pests and diseases. Enter Goodwood Garden Mulches – your plant hydration heroes. When applied correctly, these dense mulches not only shade the roots but also release water slowly, ensuring your plants stay hydrated and allowing you to use less water in your garden – perfect for when there’s water restrictions.

2. Offers Superior Weed Protection: Reduces both the Growth and Spread of Weeds

Summer often sees us on our hands and knees battling pesky weeds. We often don’t want to spray chemicals on our beautiful plants, so we think hard labour is the only way to keep them at bay. Enter Goodwood Mulch! Properly applied, mulch blocks light from reaching weed seeds, inhibiting their germination. Weed seeds need light to sprout, and with a recommended 100mm layer of mulch, this germination process is significantly reduced.

Mulch doesn’t just slow weed growth; it also minimises the spread of weeds. By providing a barrier, mulch prevents weed seeds from reaching the soil, disrupting the germination process. It’s a double win – control existing weeds and preventing new ones from emerging.

3. Delivers Much Needed Nutrients: Mulch Breaks Down Over Time, Delivering Goodness to your Soil

Goodwood Mulch is are not only carbon-neutral but also nutrient-rich. As the mulch breaks down over time, it passes on its goodness (nutrients) to nourish new plants and trees. It’s a natural and sustainable cycle of life. See you at the landscape yard this summer!


We have a wide range of garden mulch products available through local suppliers, from Coloured Mulch to Bark Mulch. View all mulch products here. If you have bulk mulch needs, please feel free to contact us below.

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