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Why We Do It

At Goodwood we are passionate about helping to preserve our planet for future generations by recycling untreated timber woodwaste, preventing it from going to landfill and creating value added wood products – because doing good feels great.

How We Do It

At Goodwood, we build strong relationships with both corporate entities and individuals, providing innovative solutions to woodwaste producers.

What We Do

We recycle untreated woodwaste, preventing it from going to landfill and turning it into value added products.

Our Core Values

  • Seek and Effect Change
  • Creative and Innovate
  • Be Adventurous – Have No Boundaries
  • Keep the Fun – Live Life!
  • Be Resourceful – 100 Different Ways

How Can We Help Your Business?

Do you need to get rid of untreated woodwaste or timber pallets from your business?


Over 44 tonnes of untreated woodwaste ends up in local landfills each week. At Goodwood, we offer a woodwaste recycling collection service across the Bay of Plenty region, operating from our conveniently located yard in Mount Maunganui.

To learn more about how we can help your business with woodwaste recycling:

  • Contact the Goodwood team at 0508 4 GOODWOOD (0508 446 639)

  • Provide us with the volume of woodwaste you need to recycle

  • We can then arrange a solution that best suits your needs, whether it’s a collection or a drop-off service.