Summer is a great time to grab a drink, sit back in the garden and relax.

But these moments of relaxation can be interrupted as you notice weeds have taken over your garden. Furthermore, plants may be visibly fading in their strive to survive the heat of summer.

Take time to reflect on how you want your garden to look and thrive at the same time.

Do you want to update your ground cover?  Do you need some new plants? Or maybe a total garden overhaul is in order!

Either way, here at Goodwood we have mulch products and guides needed to help your garden thrive and look amazing!

Goodwood Mulch Facts;

We have some great guides and tips available online including;


A recent example to showcase:

We recently had some gardeners who tackled their garden overhauls before summer.

Check out their amazing photos below and you may get the inspiration you need to tackle your own garden.

Goodwood Mulch is available from your nearest stockist, and contact us for any questions about turning your own garden into your own oasis to spend time in for the rest of this summer.

Happy Gardening…

Black Mulch Driveway

This customer wanted their entrance to make an entrance! Goodwood Black Mulch was used to line their driveway which will help with moisture retention, weed suppression AND looks AMAZING – what an entrance!

Black Mulch in garden right

This customer has a large property and used Goodwood Black Mulch to make the greenery pop out and also help with weed suppression.

Black Mulch in garden left

One of our team members tidied her garden at home and the effect of the Black Mulch ties the whole garden together.

Black Mulch in garden with fence behind

With some planning and a lot of hard work, this customers wasted space was turned into a sanctuary that even has a spa pool! The black mulch works with the planting and helps complete the overall makeover.