Goodwood Bark Mulch

Goodwood Bark Mulch is our ‘ready to go’ landscaping mulch – suitable for smaller residential and large scale commercial use.

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Goodwood Bark Mulch is a great multi-purpose landscape product with a range of visual and functional benefits.

Made from a versatile blend of pine bark, shredded pine and bark fines, Goodwood Bark Mulch forms a medium weight mulch that looks fantastic as well as having loads of functional benefits.

Great for weed suppression, moisture retention & temperature regulation, it’s also a fantastic finisher providing consistent ground cover particularly for low maintenance gardens.

Goodwood Bark Mulch is made from 100% recycled New Zealand Pinus Radiata.

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We have a supply of bark readily available, so if you are in need of a specific bark product get in touch with the team and we will see if we can assist.  We can also arrange installation of bark mulch. Call us on 0508 4 GOODWOOD (0508 446 639) or enquire via our Contact Us form.