With the end of another year fast approaching it’s a great time to think about what changes your workplace can implement to increase efficiency, tidiness and sustainability so 2020 is even bigger and better than 2019!


Reducing, reusing and recycling is the new norm for many of our customers and it only takes a few simple changes to make your workplace more sustainable. Here at Goodwood we help to facilitate this, meaning your work place and employees can feel proud that they are contributing to make the world a brighter place for future generations.

Goodwood provides a simple and cost effective solution to your woodwaste issues, by sustainably recycling woodwaste into a range of landscape products, animal bedding and playground surfacing (Goodwood Product Range). Our team are available to assist in collecting woodwaste, discussing your needs and seizing opportunities to remove unwanted woodwaste.

Here’s how our system works:

  1. Sort your woodwaste pallets out and remove ALL rubbish
  2. Call Goodwood for a woodwaste pick-up. 0508 4 GOODWOOD
  3. Goodwood collect your woodwaste and grind it up
  4. Goodwood manufacture recycled products

It’s not just woodwaste that can make a change.

Some of the ways our Goodwood team reduce, reuse and recycle can be implemented at any workplace. Our suggestions are below!

  • Dedicate recycling bins for your waste paper under each desk
  • Dedicate recycling bins in your kitchen area for plastics, glass and paper
  • Ask around and maybe someone has a worm farm, or even lifestyle block, and would happily take food scrapes home
  • Plants improve indoor air quality and bring some nature into the office environment making a cleaner, happier space for working in


Keeping a tidy workplace not only improves efficiency & safety for your employees but also presents an organised frontage to your customers!  Would you want to buy a new car from a car sales yard where the cars were dirty, the buildings had grubby windows and the gardens were un-kept?  No, I bet you wouldn’t.  Improving street appeal is a simple and cost-effective change, and your employees will reflect this approach in their own presentation.

Pull out some weeds, clean the windows and see the difference this makes to your street appeal. Whilst you’re at it, call Goodwood to clear out your unsightly woodwaste!


Let us get stuck in the traffic! Pallet disposal is time consuming with loading, driving and traffic congestion all reducing your companies productivity. Goodwoods’ specialist team has the right trucks and equipment to collect and dispose of your woodwaste correctly and safely. Give us a call and discuss with our team how Goodwood can solve your woodwaste issues.

Having a clean and tidy workplace is a great way for employees and your customers to start the new year, so give Goodwood a call to discuss how we can help to make the new year a more efficient, tidy and sustainable one.