Spring has finally sprung!

Now that we have lighter evenings and longer weekend outside hours, there is no better time for sprucing up your winter-dreary garden.  Spring is a great time to feed your soil, plan your summer vegetable plot, sort your Christmas Day potato crop and give your fruit trees a tidy up ready for the next crop of juicy fruit….  but Spring gardening is not just about the garden!  There are many benefits of gardening for our overall health including reducing stress, improved sleep, saving money, but best all it just makes you feel happy!


Spring cleaning isn’t just for inside.  Our outside areas have just come through a cold, wet winter and are in need a bit of TLC to bring them up to tip-top shape so they can be enjoyed over the warmer months.  Here is a list of what you can do to get the most out of your garden, your vegetables and your fruit trees.

  • Prune any winter damage from your trees and shrubs. Pruning not only ensures new growth but also will help make your trees look full and healthy.
  • If your garden beds aren’t mulched, add organic matter back into your garden beds by digging in your own compost or a store-bought variety.
  • Consider mulching! Goodwood mulch not only looks great, but is also very beneficial for your garden by suppressing weed growth, retaining moisture, and protecting your plants from creepy crawlies. (read more about the benefits of Goodwood Mulch on this blog https://goodwoodnz.co.nz/our-goodwood-mulches-are-your-solutions-for-summer/)


  • Feed your vegetable garden soil. Soil is the backbone to your garden, so it is important to prepare it before planting your next crop. Ask at your local garden centre for tips on feeding your vegetable garden soil.  Or if you know a fisherman, ask for their next lot of fish frames to dig in, your garden will thank you with a bumper crop!
  • Plan out what you want to plant but ensure you don’t over-crowd your garden, every seedling needs space, sun and water to thrive.
  • Take heed of what you like to eat in your summer salads and plant those seedlings – if you are going to the trouble of growing vegetables, make sure you are going to want to eat them too!
  • Do your research on Companion Planting – planting certain types of vegetables together helps them grow better.


  • Finish picking the citrus crops from your last harvest to let your citrus trees push their energy into new crops.
  • Thin out fruit that has set too quickly.
  • Feed your trees to ensure another bumper crop of juicy home-grown fruit.
  • Spring is a great time to plant strawberry plants – there’s lots of advice on google to help you get started so you can enjoy this iconic summer fruit!

Get your gardening gloves on, find your gardening tools and get stuck in!!!  As mentioned earlier, there is scientific studies to prove you WILL feel great once you’ve done a few hours of hard work.  Just think how good you will feel once you sit back at the end of the day and see how great all your hard work looks!