The Goodwood Team

Richard Hutchinson
Richard HutchinsonGoodwood GM / CEO
Richard, a co-founder of Goodwood, has been pivotal in shaping the company into what it is today. He ensures that the business has a positive impact on the world, with hands-on knowledge of the wood recycling industry. Richard’s passion for creating a legacy for future generations fuels his desire to assist as many people as possible in the process.
Steve Kingsbeer
Steve KingsbeerOperations Manager
Meet Steve, our Operations Manager for Goodwood. From managing the day-to-day operations of the yard to manufacturing and mechanical management, Steve is known for his positive demeanour and his ability to lead a team towards success. With his passion, dedication and expertise, Steve has become an invaluable asset to the team at Goodwood.
Jo Innes
Jo InnesOffice Manager
Meet Jo, our exceptional Administrator. Whether it’s related to accounts, enquiries or orders, Jo is one of the welcoming voices you’ll hear when you call us. Jo is also known for her remarkable skills in managing spreadsheets and loves an americano with cream and no sugar (so, if you ever happen to pass by, make sure to grab a coffee with her!)
Martha Saunders
Martha SaundersSales Consultant
Martha is a versatile member of our team who specialises in Animal Bedding and also handles other products in Goodwood’s product range. With agricultural industry experience, she communicates easily with farmers and understands their needs. Martha’s passion for sustainability and recycling makes her a great fit for Goodwood’s team and values.
Sonja Firby
Sonja FirbyFinance Manager
Meet Sonja, Goodwood’s formidable Finance Manager, hailing from Germany and now living in the sunny Bay of Plenty with her boat builder husband. In addition to managing the company’s finances, Sonja has a passion for breeding border terriers. A numbers whiz, she keeps a watchful eye on spending habits to ensure the company’s financial success.
Jade Dickinson
Jade DickinsonLogistics Co-ordinator
Meet Jade, the logistics maestro at Goodwood’s Mount Maunganui yard. Clad in her hi-vis, and with expertise in handling orders, truck coordination and managing logistics for woodwaste pickup and delivery, she’s a superhero of seamless operations. Jade tackles challenges head-on, ensuring efficiency and resourcefulness, making her a true asset to Goodwood’s success.