As you know, autumn mulching is the best thing you can do for your garden in preparation for the next planting season. Mulch has many beneficial properties to prepare your soil and garden for spring.

1. Protection from the weather
A good layer of mulch will insulate the soil below, including any tree and plant roots. The insulation will provide a layer of warm air flow and ensure frost can’t damage your plants.

2. Look after your good crawlers
Earthworms, microbes other small organisms are great for our gardens and we all know it, yet often we don’t do enough to protect them. They need warmth, shelter and food to do the job they are supposed to do. Giving them an extra layer of insulation will ensure they can keep working throughout the winter and prepare your soil for you. Additionally, mulch provides a much-needed food source during the otherwise fruitless months

3. Suppress weed growth
The colder months are often spent inside rather than in our yards, especially once we are back into winter time. Nobody wants to spend time in the yard to do the weeding. A good mulch layer will suppress weed growth and save your hours in preparing your garden for spring.

4. Protect bare soil from erosion
Autumn and winter months can be very long, cold and wet. Most garden lovers know that high rainfall can cause erosion, especially in more difficult terrain like steep banks. Mulch is the perfect way to protect from that, as it mats together and keeps everything in its place, even in stormy conditions

5. Improving soil structure
Autumn is a great time to prepare your soil for spring. Mulch breaks down and releases many nutrients that get absorbed into your soil. This will improve soil structure and fertility for your coming gardening season.