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Safety Surfacing

Developed with our children in mind, Goodfall Playground Surfacing is the perfect option for all seasons.

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Goodfall Playground Safety Surfacing strives to offer the safest fall surface environment possible.

Goodfall Playground Safety Surfacing is an engineered woodchip produced from recycled, untreated timber, certified to meet the latest New Zealand Safety Standards (NZS 5828:2015) set by the Ministry of Education. Goodfall has a fall safety rating of 3 metres, surpassing other surfacing materials on the market, and is manufactured locally in the Bay of Plenty under strict quality control measures.

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Goodfall drains so well that children can start playing almost as soon as it stops raining.

Goodfall is made from air-dried timber so there is virtually no dust from this product , providing a clean surface for children to play on.

Goodfall looks great and feels great – and is gentle on those little feet!

Goodfall is a wood product so does not retain heat like rubber matting products do, it stays cool so no burning of little feet in the heat of the summer months.

Goodfall is a certified playground safety surfacing (NZS 5828:2015). Safety rating of 3 metres surpasses alternative surfacing materials available on the market.

Doesn’t scatter around the playground and remains evenly placed around the areas of high impact.

Clean, easy-care and low maintenance – virtually wind resistant due to its specifically manufactured shape.

Environmentally friendly – made from 100% recycled untreated timber.

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