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Goodfall Playground Safety Surfacing; providing you the safest fall surface environment possible.

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Goodwood provides complete playground surfacing solutions, including top-ups, full revamps with dig-outs, and site preparation. We install Goodfall, our certified product meeting NZS 5808:2015 safety standards, ensuring your playground is safe and up to standard.

Additionally, we have partnered with professional service providers, giving us access to a Blower Truck that can make the installation of Goodfall a breeze, even in the trickiest of spots. Contact us today and let us help you create a safe and enjoyable play environment for children.

Safety Certified

To comply with the Ministry of Education Playground Safety Standards – NZS 5808:2015, certain requirements must be met when updating or adding to your playground surfacing.

These include the use of a certified product such as Goodfall, which must be installed to a depth of 300mm. Upgrading the playground edging may also be necessary to accommodate the level of Goodfall.

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We understand that budget constraints, funding, and fundraising can make playground projects challenging. At Goodwood, we offer free measurement and quotes, site visits and payment options to help make the process easier.

Contact us today to request your free measurement and quote and don’t forget to ask about our Fundraising Ideas check sheet. Additionally, you can visit the Goodfall page HERE to learn more about our Playground Safety Surfacing.

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