Spring is just around the corner, and there is no better time to get things back in GARDENING order.

Below is the Goodwood ‘To-Do’ list to help you get started:


Grab your gloves and weed bucket and get stuck into pulling any weeds out whilst the ground is still damp from winter; ensure you get to them before they take hold and seed!  A few minutes work now will save you a lot of hard work in the heat of summer when the soil is dry and hard.


Cut of any damaged or dying branches and give the shrub a general tidy up; this will encourage new growth and you’ll  reap the benefits in summer with plenty of new foliage and flowers.  Pruning is also important to help with containing the plants size, allowing more light into your yard, and will encourage a generally healthy looking, will maintained, garden.


Apply granular fertilizer around trees, shrubs and perennials. Your local gardening shop should be your first-port-of-call to ensure the right product for your garden.  Fertiliser will help with your soils health, which will then benefit your plants.


As the threat of frost wanes, remove burlap barriers, wraps and other protective material from around landscape plants that needed the extra winter protection. Remove any staking from new trees if they’ve been in the ground for more than a year.


End of winter is a great time to cut sharp edges along all garden beds, garden edging and garden paths. This not only neatens the landscape, it creates a “lip” to contain mulch that can be applied once the soil warms consistently for the season.


Once you have tidied, pruned and generally made your garden Spring and Summer ready, you will need to think about mulching your beds before the heat of summer arrives.  Mulching will help with soil health, water retention, weed suppression, and most importantly, our GOODWOOD BLACK MULCH LOOKS FABULOUS. Goodwood have a range of mulches from decorative black mulch, to hardy compost mulch.  Have a look at our PRODUCT RANGE to find out more.


Spring is a great time to feed and weed your lawn.  There are many products available from your local gardening supplier and a bit of time on your lawn now will help with lawn weed control once the growing season starts.


Like all good things, gardens require work.  But if you plan your spring gardening and put in the hard work now, you will see the benefits in summer when it’s too hot to do anything but sit in the shade, sit back and relax.