As we enter a new year, we strongly encourage farmers to place your animal bedding orders for delivery now. Given the anticipated wood shortages nationwide, it’s important to ensure you have the animal bedding required to keep your herd healthy.

Impending Wood Shortages Affecting Availability of Animal Bedding

The supply of animal bedding is undergoing a shift, influenced by many companies transitioning from coal to biofuel (requiring woodchips and pellets) nationwide. This has led to a reduction in the availability of traditional kiln dried wood for animal bedding, affecting farmers who rely on woodchips, sawdust and shavings to create comfortable and hygienic environments for their livestock. It’s likely the peak of the wood shortage will be between the months of April – July, key months in the farming calendar.

Given these changes, it is crucial for farmers to anticipate and plan for potential disruptions in their bedding supplies. To mitigate the impact on your farm, we strongly recommend placing orders for delivery now to ensure your bedding supply for the year.

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