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Goodwood Goat Bedding is a specialised bedding solution designed exclusively for goats, developed through UK-based research and using established European technology.

Our bedding is crafted from naturally air-dried, 100% recycled and untreated timber, resulting in a lower moisture retention rate. With Goodwood, you can rely on consistent quality and a year-round supply of goat bedding.

Superior Moisture Retention

Goodwood Goat Bedding has a low moisture retention rate, ensuring a consistently dry and hygienic bedding surface for your goats. This minimises the risk of dampness and contributes to the overall wellbeing and comfort of your animals.

Efficient Ventilation for Optimal Airflow

We take great care in finely shredding the timber to create a well-ventilated bedding surface. This optimised airflow not only enhances your goats’ comfort but also efficiently dries any wet litter on the surface, maintaining a clean and pleasant environment for your goats.

Self-Heating Properties

Goodwood Goat Bedding creates an induced vacuum effect when installed at the recommended depth. This unique feature efficiently dries the litter and transforms it into a natural heat source. The self-heating properties not only improve your goats’ comfort but also positively impact feed efficiency, production rates, and the overall condition of your animals, ultimately leading to better results.

Sustainable and Recycled

Crafted from naturally air-dried, 100% recycled, untreated timber, Goodwood values sustainability and responsible resource usage. Our commitment to using environmentally friendly materials ensures both the wellbeing of your goats and the reduction of our environmental footprint.

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