Contract Wood Grinding

Let us bring our wood waste recycling service to you!

At Goodwood we have mobile machinery and expert operators available to assist with your on-site project.

We can make short work of a range of material suitable for grinding, clearing up any unwanted stockpiles and either leaving you with the supply of a consistent ground material or carting it away for recycling.

Some typical material for grinding includes:

  • Used pallets, crates, bins and boxes and other wood dunnage
  • Green waste and pruning
  • Orchard clearing – Kiwifruit and Avocado trees
  • Milled slabwood
  • Sorted construction and demolition timber

For commercial, industrial or rural properties we can provide a solution for you. Please give the team a call on 0508 4 GOODWOOD (0508 446 639) for more information and to arrange a site visit.