Contract Wood Grinding

Goodwood offers on-site woodwaste grinding services, providing convenient solutions for both woodwaste disposal and forestry waste clean-up.

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Whether you’re dealing with woodwaste on your property or need assistance with forestry debris cleanup, our contract grinding services are here to effectively clear your space.

Contract Woodwaste Grinding – We Come To You

With our seasoned team and specialised equipment, we can provide on-site woodwaste grinding services at your location. We’re equipped to handle a wide range of materials, efficiently clearing out unwanted woodwaste on an ‘as-needed’ basis – saving you time and money.

Forestry Clean Up

Goodwood is your partner for forestry clean-up. We collaborate closely with forestry managers and estate owners to minimise residue, reducing environmental and slash-related risks. The residues and slash we remove are transformed into a range of natural products, including landscaping supplies, animal bedding, playground surfacing, and more.

Materials We Handle

Some typical materials we can manage include:

  • Forestry waste, Green waste, and Pruning debris
  • Used Pallets, Crates, Bins, Boxes, and Wood Dunnage
  • Orchard Clearing Waste (e.g., Kiwifruit and Avocado trees)
  • Sorted Construction and Demolition Timber
  • Milled Slabwood

Tailored Solutions

Whether you operate a commercial, industrial, or rural property, we offer customised solutions to meet your specific needs. For more information or enquiries, please use the form below. Goodwood is dedicated to efficiently and responsibly meeting your woodwaste management requirements.

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