Our Goodwood Black Mulch is a striking, scene setting, statement-making garden mulch.  Not only does it looks spectacular, but is great for your plants.  Furthermore, we colour the 100% recycled wood chip with an eco-friendly, non-toxic, colourant with bonus anti-fungal properties that stays colourfast in all environments.

To ensure the colour stays on the mulch – not you, your walls, fence or driveway –  we have put together some handy application tips to help you get underway…


Schedule your delivery or pickup and application on a day when heavy rains are not forecast.


When possible, it is always recommended to have mulch tipped onto a tarpaulin placed on grass.  Freshly produced mulch or a heavy rain may cause the mulch to stain your driveway or lawn.


If tipping the colour enhanced mulch directly onto a drive or lawn, rinse the surface immediately before tipping and immediately after receiving the mulch delivery. Do not allow the surface to dry.


Wear old clothing, long sleeves and gloves during application.


Remove weeds and unwanted plants.  A layer of weed mat is recommended to help with weed suppression. Newspaper or cardboard can also be used.


 Mulch should be laid at a depth of 100 – 200mm and, if possible, below or level to the top of your garden edging.  Avoid mulching too close to plant stems.


If there is staining from the coloured mulch, promptly wash the affected surface with soap and water.  Work the surface with a stiff brush and the stain will gently diminish.


For best results, allow mulch to settle for in its new garden location for 48 hours before watering.


Each six months, turn the mulch over with a rake to expose a different side to the sun and elements.  This will give a new mulch look without requiring additional material.










Remember, if a stray handprint appears on your fence, wall or driveway, grab some soap, water and a stiff brush, start scrubbing and the stain will come away in no time, just don’t leave the mark for too long before attacking it!

We hope these handy tips help you set up your garden so it comes out looking vivid and sensational with NO visible evidence elsewhere…