As part of our Summer Solutions we need to address mulch storage, especially in summer conditions.


Most of the NZ North Island enjoy quite warm and humid climate, which can be great for tropical plants but also create some difficulties around storing mulch and other top soil products for extended periods of time. Whether you have substantial amounts sitting in your landscape yard or are waiting to use your mulch for a contracting job, your product needs to be stored correctly to provide the full benefits to the end-users. The end-result of badly stored mulch is mouldy, sour, nutrient-leeching product. As always, we want to help you do good and have come up with a few tips.  So what can you do?

Mulch Storage

  1. Airflow:

Store your product as flat as possible where there is plenty of airflow.

  1. Ground:

Avoid storing it on a moist ground. Best is concrete and a plastic tarp underneath

  1. Turning:

Turn the product regularly to give it some more air flow and prevent moulding

  1. Undercover:

The easiest way to keep the mulch dry is storing it undercover, especially during wetter periods

From time to time you may notice white, hair-like strands in the mulch, this is fruited fungal spore and is often mistaken for mould. It’s called Mycelia and made of hyphae, fruited fungal spores. This is a beneficial by-product for plants and helps to decompose dead organic matter.

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