We all need to play our part in making our planet a better place. Until now we have been able to help you be a more sustainable business for free, but we have reached a level of demand that we need you to help us out that little bit extra. The costs of wood waste collections are now at a level that we can’t sustain on our own anymore and we need to charge a small amount to keep this service going. We run two trucks, two yards and have an effective team to help us do good.

Let’s band together and all do our part.


What do you need the wood for? Why are you doing what you do?

Our primary reason for doing this is to keep untreated wood waste out of landfill. We care about helping you run a more sustainable and eco-conscious business. The wood waste we collect is put through a grinding process to make value-added products such as Goodwood Garden and Landscape Mulch, Bonnie’s Animal Bedding and Goodfall Playground Surfacing. We are also looking at other new and innovative ways to use this wood to do more good. Let us do good together.

Why are you charging for wood waste collection?

The scale of our operation has grown immensely, and we are collecting more pallets than ever. We have employed truck drivers and have invested in two large curtain-sider trucks in order to keep up with the demand. Unfortunately, we can’t carry all the costs on our own, although we love to help you do good, we need your help.

Aren’t you using the wood to make a profit-making product, why are you charging at both ends?

The fact is that product pricing (determined by supply and demand) is not high enough to cover the cost of wood waste collection, production, meeting and adhering to health and safety standards and overheads. (We want to keep doing what we are doing but we need to make sure we can look after our people too. We aim to pay fair wages to all our staff to ensure they can keep doing good for a long time.)

If you start charging us, I’ll just leave my pallets at the road side.

You can do that; however you need to be prepared to be fined by the Council. For several reasons it is illegal to leave rubbish by the road. Not only is it illegal but it has caused a few problems for our community in the past. These pallets have been picked up by people to light fires at the beach. The mess left over includes broken bottles and rubbish, but also the hundreds of nails and staples that are used to keep the pallets together.

If you start charging us, I’ll just drop it off to a dump

That is also a valid option. To drop off 15 standard sized pallets, Tauranga City Council Transfer Station will charge you $74.08 and Hamilton Council will charge in excess of $45.00. You can just drop it off to our yard, at this stage this option is free of charge.

What do you do with the money?

Truck, maintenance, petrol, wages and staff upskilling. The service fee doesn’t cover the cost of collecting and storing the wood waste, but it does help us to recover most of it. We also invest in Research and Development to ensure we can come up with more resourceful and innovative ways to save wood and other materials from landfill. We really do care about our environment and have great plans for expanding our operation to help more people do good with wood.

How will the pick up / payment system work?

You will continue to receive a weekly email from Jo advising collection.  Reply to this email and Jo will schedule your pick.  Your pallets will be picked up by our truck driver.  The driver will complete a docket stating the number of stacks collected, name, date and company.  This docket must be signed by a company representative as this docket number will be noted on the invoice as reference to the date of pick up. An invoice will be emailed weekly to be paid within 7 days, or 20th following if an account application has been completed.