Running a business, supervising staff and selling a wide range of products is the life of most landscape yard owners. As business owners we know what it’s like, so we have put together our 4 Top Tips to increase your sales!

1). Your people are your key asset

Your team, the ones on the ground every day, have the most market intel than any one else. Talk to them regularly and find out what they think your customers need. Additionally, your team will feel more valued and more motivated to do great work. Make sure to include that information in your decision-making, then your team can see you have listened.

2). Listen to understand

Too often we already know what we want to say before we have even listened to what our customer has to say. Take a breath and truly listen to understand. Often our customers only know the symptoms of their problems, and it is your job to find the real problem, and the solution.

For example, a customer might come in and complain about the water restrictions the council has put in place and how his plants are suffering. In your head you identify that they don’t have the right soil and ground cover in their yard. The water they give their plants early in the morning evaporates by lunch time. This is your perfect moment to up-sell on mulch as it retains moisture and releases it slowly throughout the day, without massive evaporation loss.

3.) Pre-empting customer needs

A customer might come in to get one thing, not realising that there is a tool that could help them apply it or a next step they haven’t thought about yet. Use your years of experience to pre-empt their needs.

For example, a customer comes in and buys weed killer because she is sick of kneeling in her garden for hours and pulling out weeds. A weed killer is great to get on top of the current weeds but what about in a month time?  They will have to spend more money to buy more weed killers, it’s never ending. Instead talk to them about weed prevention. Inform them about covering their soil with mulch which will actually stop new weed growth and therefore is money well invested.

4.) Give an added benefit

Once you have implanted the idea of an up-sell, give the customer an extra, totally unrelated benefit of the product they are potentially going to buy.

For example, you’ve told a customer about mulch preventing weed growth and they are showing an interest. Your next step is to tell them about a product specific benefit “Californian Redwood doesn’t only slow down weed growth, cockroaches actually hate it. They will quickly leave your property and find a home elsewhere.”

Did you realise?

We implemented the 4 tips today. We know our team is our greatest asset and we listened to them to understand. Often, we hear ‘We can’t sell more to our landscape yards, they don’t have any space to store our product’. Instead of telling them to stop making excuses we have taken their feedback on board. We have identified the problem behind the symptom they have communicated. Our landscape yards need help to sell more.

With this additional information on your hands we have pre-empted your needs. Your need is to sell more, to make more revenue. Our solution is regular updated marketing material for our landscape yards, more retail focused pamphlets to hand out and regular selling tips from our marketing manager. In fact, we do everything in our power to give you new customers. Our Radio advertisement sends people to landscape yards to ask for our products. Customers that ring us for small quantities are send to the nearest landscape yard that carries our products and all our social media advertisement calls for people to find their local Goodwood supplier.

Each tip we have given you today, will help you to sell more of our products as well as other products you have. We’ve given you 3 added benefits of our mulch over other products such as bark.

If you ONLY take away one learning from this, you are better off than before. We know it works, and can’t wait for you to benefit.

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