Although we all love hanging out in the sun and enjoying long summer nights, we do have to admit that it’s not all great.

Summer and sun can be aggressive in most parts of our beautiful country. Our gardens suffer from the heat and if we aren’t vigilant about watering, many plants don’t make it through the weeks of endless sunshine. If we do remember to water daily, it will quickly put us out of pocket.

Plants that don’t have a stable amount of moisture available can get stressed and stressed plants are more receptive to insects and disease.

Goodwood Coloured Garden mulches and Californian Redwood Mulch are great to keep your plants hydrated. If applied properly, the dense mulch provides shade for the roots and releases water slowly.

We all know in Summer we suddenly spend hours on our hands and knees to get rid of those nasty weeds. We don’t want to spray chemicals on our beautiful plants, so we think hard labour is the only way to keep them at bay.

Mulches have the great ability to slow the growth of weeds immensely. If applied properly, mulch will prevent any light from getting to the weed seeds and therefore prevent the growth. For weeds to germinate light is critical. If mulch is applied at our recommended depth of 100mm this germination process is much less likely.

The spreading of weeds can be greatly reduced by using mulch. Weed seeds love bare dirt to land on and grow their roots right then and there. However, a thick layer of mulch will prevent any seed from reaching the dirt and prevent the germination process.

Effectively you will kill off most of the existing weeds and prevent any new one from growing. It’s a win-win!

Goodwood Mulch is made from pine off-cuts and Californian Redwood Mulch are made from (you guessed it) Californian Redwood off-cuts. Both mulches are carbon neutral and nutrient rich. Naturally, the wood does break down over time, whether it’s sitting in landfill or underneath your plants. The difference being, as Mulch it can pass on all its’ goodness (nutrients) to grow new plants and trees, completing the circle of life.

There has been quite a bit of speculation that the creepy crawlers hate our Californian Redwood Mulch. With so much speculation, we just had to do some digging into that (pun intended)! Pest control technicians, university professors and plant experts have all come to the same conclusion. Californian Redwood decreases the chance of the creeper’s survival. We could give you a long and complicated chemical formula of why that is but we’ll spare you the biology lesson. Basically, the tannins that are responsible for the reddish colour in the trees, not only have a bitter taste but also kill insects with their naturally occurring toxins.