We have recently implemented a wood waste pick-up charge and a lot of our clients have started dropping off their wood waste. After only a few weeks they realised that it might not actually be cheaper or more convenient to drop off their wood waste.

There are many benefits to asking us to pick up your wood waste but here are our TOP 5:

Time savings

Save yourself and your employees time. No need to sit in traffic.

Resource saving

Roads are busy and travel takes time and therefore fuel. Staff can be much more productive on-site than in traffic.

Health and Safety

There are always health and safety risks attached to entering a production yard with heavy machinery. Don’t risk injuries, let us pick up your waste wood.


Of course, it is much easier to stack it and forget it. Stack your pallets clean and tidy into stacks of 15 and let us pick it up. “Stack and forget”

Cost savings

It is cheaper to get us to pick up your wood waste rather than dropping it to us


If drop-off is your preferred option, please be aware of the following information.

Drop offs will be on Thursdays (9am to 4pm) only and the following charges will apply:

–              1-15 pallets $30

–              16-30 pallets $50

–              31-50 pallets $70

–              51+ pallets $100

 All drop-off customers are encouraged to open an account with goodwood for ease of invoicing. Give us a call on 0800 4 goodwood to discuss your options.