Woodwaste Recyclers

In the Tauranga area, more than 44 tonnes of untreated woodwaste goes into local landfills each week.  

But here at Goodwood, we can recycle it!  And the best bit, recycling your untreated woodwaste with Goodwood can be very cost effective.

Save money for you and your business while also helping to save our local landfills from uneccessary rubbish.  Let's do good with wood. Together.

Call us now to drop off your clean, untreated woodwaste for a small charge or to organise a pick-up.

Ph 0508 4 Goodwood (0508 446 639)

*It is FREE to drop-off your wood waste at our recycling yard.  Our pick-up service is only available for bulk woodwaste and does incur a collection fee but our competitive pricing will still save you big $$$ on standard landfill/skip bin charges.  
For more info, see our FAQs below...


At Goodwood, we are passionate about helping to preserve our planet for future generations by recycling untreated timber.



  We work with local and national businesses, accepting their untreated wood waste, preventing it from going to landfill and creating value added wood products like natural playground surfacing, garden mulch and calf bedding.


Disposing of your wood waste at landfill is unsustainable and costly. Goodwood currently offers a free recycling solution for your business and paid options that will appeal to any budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions always come up about how to get started with wood waste recycling and which wood is recyclable.  To save you some time, we have answers to some of the questions that we see a lot. Don’t hestitate to reach out with further questions.

  • What wood waste is recyclable? 
    Currently, we can only accept wood waste that is made from untreated wood.  So this includes things like wood pallets and timber bins.
  • Do you accept broken wood waste?
    We will happily accept any wood waste whether it's whole, partial or broken. However it must be free from contaminants such as plastic, metal brackets and cable ties.  Nails are OK.
  • How much does this cost?
    For all our prices, click here 
  • What about sending waste to landfill?
    The minimum charge at TCC Transfer Stations is $11.50 for 50kg of waste, or just over 2 standard pallets (not including transport).  With Goodwood, you will only pay $3 for 2 pallets and that includes transport! 
  • And if I want to drop-off?
    We'd love to see you down at our recycling yard and all drop-offs are free!  We are open Thursdays 9am - 4pm, just give us a call first so that we can ensure a forklift will be available to help you off-load your wood waste.  Call 0508 446 639.
  • How does the pick-up service work?
    We have a curtain-sided truck currently out and about picking up wood waste from businesses.  We will try our best to get our truck to your place at a day and time that suits both of us.  To organise, call us on 0508 446 639