In the Tauranga area, more than 44 tonnes of untreated woodwaste goes into local landfills each week.  But here at Goodwood, we can recycle it!  And the best bit, recycling your untreated woodwaste with Goodwood is easy and cost effective; save time and money for you and your business while also helping to save our local landfills from unnecessary rubbish.  Let’s do good with wood. Together


We love helping you and your business achieve sustainability, and in order to do so successfully we have a small woodwaste collection service fee. It is simply to cover our costs (such as truck, petrol and driver) of picking up your woodwaste. Our truck takes 15 pallets in a stack and we charge on a per-stack bases

It’s simple:
One stack of regular-sized pallets = $25 + GST
Full truck = $200
Book in your woodwaste collection or drop-off 0508 4 Goodwood


We can’t do it all on our own

At Goodwood we are passionate about supporting your business to become more sustainable and more socially responsible by helping to remove your woodwaste problem and preventing this wood waste from ending up in landfill.

To be able to support your business with the removal of untreated timber woodwaste, we require all woodwaste to be clean. That means no plastic, no metal brackets, no cable ties.

This allows us to process the wood waste with greater efficiency and divert larger quantities of untreated timber wood waste from ending up in landfill. Let’s do good with wood together.