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Goodwood Coloured Garden Mulch

Get Goodwood Coloured Garden Mulch to give your garden the overhaul it deserves! It has been created from untreated timber and dyed with an environmentally friendly oxide stain. It is a lightweight garden mulch that has all the benefits of a good garden mulch while looking great too. Available in the three popular colours of black, red & brown. But if you prefer your mulch au-natural, we have that too.

Ask your trusted local landscape yard for our product range.

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Goodwood Californian Redwood Garden Mulch

Our Californian Redwood mulch is the best you can get for all your plants,from avocados to roses. Locally produced from waste wood, this mulch will support your plant growth like no other product.

This product helps with healthy, happy, plants, can be added to garden mixes and smells great too.

Ask your trusted local landscape yard for our product range.


Why it’s best to choose Goodwood Mulch

  • Keep your plants well looked after.

Californian Redwood Mulch is a natural wood product that keeps moisture and releases it slowly into the ground. Your plants will last and look great all year round without massive water bills.

  • Who doesn’t love a bargain?

Californian Redwood Mulch is cheaper than other green pine based mulches and even bark! Locally Produced and sustainable. Goodwood Californian Redwood Mulch is produced right here, in the beautiful Bay of Plenty. Not only is it produced locally, but it is also made from recycled wood sourced from local businesses.

  • Get your yard looking sharp .

This mulch truly makes it easy to have the yard looking great and it is easy to care for. Over time, the Mulch develops an even stronger and deeper red, your yard will keep looking great for a long time.

  • Healthy Plants.

Plants need carbon to flourish and grow. Carbon naturally occurs in our soil, but bark and green pine based mulches extract that carbon from the soil and make it inaccessible to our plants. Californian Redwood Mulch ensures the Carbon stays in the soil, which is then absorbed by your much healthier plants.


Customer Feedback

We are constantly striving to ensure that our customers receive great service and products from Goodwood.

“It was an easy decision for us to go for the black mulch from Goodwood for our garden. Right from the beginning, everyone we dealt with was excellent. I couldn’t fault the service and I could fault the product no less. The black mulch looks the goods and is a great product that makes our garden look sharp. We constantly have people complementing the look and would happily refer anyone in the direction of Goodwood.”

Matt & Emily Collier

The service was amazing and we are wrapt with everything so thank you.

Karl – Hilltop School

We have been getting Goodfall playground woodchip for several years. I cannot fault their product in any way. It is clean, light, easy to spread and lasts for many years. But above all I value their help in delivering the product as close as possible to the required area.  They go out of their way to deliver at my requested day/time to minimise the disruption during school times.

Bart – Mount Maunganui Primary