Garden Mulch - Auckland

Why Use Garden Mulch? The Auckland Mulch Experts Explain.

So you’re getting your garden together, or maybe just starting to do some research on gardening, and you’ve come across the issue of mulching. “To mulch, or not to mulch?”, you might be wondering, or “what mulch is right for me?”, or “how do I even get the mulch I need to my property?” If you’re willing to take a few moments to slow down, Goodwood, purveyors of high-quality garden mulch in Auckland, can explain why it’s a good idea to use mulch, and where you can get the best stuff around.

Why You Should Use Garden Mulch

Sure, you might be able to get away with not using it, but the benefits to incorporating mulch in your garden make it a no-brainer. Mulch discourages the growth of weeds and it traps moisture, keeping your plants from drying out. Mulch helps to regulate soil temperature, keeping plant roots cooler in hot environments, and shielding them from the cold in frigid ones. Mulch can even add a bit of plant nutrition to your patch of earth, depending on the variety that you use.

What kinds of mulch are out there? You could go with chopped up grass, which is cheap and always around, but it decays very quickly. You’ll be replenishing it more often than you’ll be doing any actual gardening. You could go with old leaves, which work well to keep weeds at bay, but is not visually appealing (in addition to screwing up the pH balance of the soil). There’s nutrient-rich compost, but the same nutrients that it contains that are good for your plants are great for those weeds too. Peat moss looks great, but is expensive, and can dry out. Straw and hay are cheap and easy but blow away on account of being so light. You could go with shredded rubber, or some of that landscape fabric but those look fake and not environmentally sound. Gravel and pebbles have the natural look but have zero benefits for the soil. Surely there is some mulch middle ground? There is, thankfully, in the form of bark chips. Made from chopped up wood, this kind of mulch looks great, stays put, and doesn’t decay easily. It’s got everything you need for your gardening endeavours!

Where to go for Garden Mulch in Auckland?

You may think that all mulch is created equal, but it isn’t. There are levels to this mulch business, and while a cursory examination might prompt you to just get any old kind of mulch, a thorough study would show you that the best option is mulch created from recycled timber, like what we offer at Goodwood. Our natural garden mulch is lightweight, mats together, retains moisture, inhibits weed growth, and keeps soil temperature regulated. If you need to add a bit more flair to your garden, we have varieties of coloured mulch that have been dyed with an environmentally friendly oxide stain (available in Black, Brown, & Red!). Whatever your need, you should know that you deserve the Auckland mulch that looks great and is great for the environment. Call us on 0508 446 639 to learn more.