Goodwood Commercial Products
We have a range of commercial products to suit a range of needs from Motorway Roadside Mulch, Horticultural Mulch, Bark Mulch and Pallet Sales. For up to date information and availability regarding our Commercial Products click here.

Goodfall Playground Installation Services
The day to day running of schools, preschools, daycares and Kohanga Reo’s can make the prospect of maintaining your playground’s safety and organising the installation of Goodfall seem overwhelming! We can help with your installation and remove the hassle for you. Find out more about our Free Measure & Quotes here.

Contract Wood Grinding
Goodwood has reliable machinery available for contract grinding at your business. Our horizontal grinder is a mobile and efficient grinding machine that can take care of any wood and green waste on site. Tree grinding, Mulching and green waste, kiwifruit and avocado trees, demolition and construction site timber. Find out more here.

Contract Screening
At Goodwood we have a specialist mobile & versatile 3-way screen that will allow us to help you sort and add value to a range of media or bulk materials. Find out more here.

Woodwaste Brokerage
At Goodwood we are always on the lookout to help you solve your Woodwaste problems and find the perfect solution. Whether you require large volumes of wood waste to run a commercial venture or are looking for ways to get rid of large volumes of wood waste, we can help.

Contact the office on 0508 4 GOODWOOD (0508 446 639)