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Does your business produce a large amount of woodwaste? Help us help our environment by preventing wood waste in Tauranga from ending up in landfills. At goodwood, we are passionate about preserving our planet for future generations and do our part to promote wood recycling. Even if your operation produces a small amount of woodwaste, we can help you get rid of it and help your business save money. It’s a win-win situation for everyone. There are so many other uses for untreated timber that it just makes sense to recycle.

Wood For Life

The pallets used to ship your company’s machinery and equipment often have no further use. The same holds true in the construction industry. There are often large amounts of wood that serve no further purpose on a project. Many businesses are probably not aware that their wood waste can be recycled. One of the biggest uses for clean wood waste is in the manufacture of new particle board or chipboard.

Landscaping Applications

goodwood is very interested in adding value to your used wood. We can easily recycle woodwaste produced by the demolition and construction industry so it can be used in landscaping. A construction company, for example, can alert us as to how much wood waste in Rotorua that they have. goodwood can take the wood and arrange a solution that best suits the company. That wood is processed, chipped, and can be coloured to produce attractive mulch that can be used in landscaping applications. We produce both coloured and natural garden mulch as well as playground mulch using recycled wood. We help keep wood out of landfills and reuse one of our most precious renewable resources.

Using Wood as Fuel

goodwood can recycle used timber as clean fuel. Burning wood to produce energy or even electricity is an alternative to fossil fuels. It is also a sustainable, carbon-neutral source of energy. Operations that produce a lot of wood waste in Tauranga can have goodwood recycle that waste into wood that can be used as fuel. Again, it’s good for everyone involved including the environment.

Other Uses for Wood Waste

Once the woodwaste is processed, it has some other uses besides in landscaping, recycled timber, and fuel. Some can be used to manufacture the pulp that is used to make paper. Chipped wood can be mixed with screened topsoil to be used as a soil amendment. Wood chips make a great ground cover and can be used as a bulking agent for compost products. There are many uses for your used wood. You and goodwood can help preserve our planet by properly discarding woodwaste.

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For assistance with your woodwaste, contact the professionals at goodwood. We can assess your needs and come up with a solution that suits you and helps preserve our planet. Call us on 0508 4 GOODWOOD or 0508 446 639, click here for more information or send us an email at sales@goodwoodnz.co.nz because doing good feels great.