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The Amazing World of Wood Recycling in Tauranga

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It’s an amazing world that we live in today, no? Technology has enabled man to shape the planet in ways once thought unimaginable. Using modern construction techniques, we have been able to craft grand cities and buildings using the materials from our environment, like stone, metal, and even wood. Since off-cuts is a reality of construction, many construction projects produce substantial quantities of waste wood, often discarded and left to litter landfills throughout the world. Other industries compound this issue by adding their waste wood, like pallets, to landfills. Run-off material from demolition, remodelling, paper production, manufacturing, and energy production all get tossed into the landfill as waste, contaminating the earth and squandering their potential to be something more. Until now, that is, because the Goodwood team has taken on the important task of wood recycling in Tauranga. We are passionate about helping to preserve our planet for future generations by recycling untreated timber, preventing it from going to landfill, and creating value-added wood recycling products.

What is Untreated Timber?

This is in reference to wood that has not been treated with any preservatives, painted or treated. Treated timber can contaminate the recycling process, due to high levels of chemicals it contains. Though the preservatives used today are billed as less toxic, they at one point contained a number of very dangerous compounds, including arsenic. The mixing of treated wood with untreated wood in recycling further complicates an already time-consuming process. The reusable and non-reusable wood fragments must be sorted; contaminants need to be removed, etc. Thankfully attitudes, at least where construction and demolition are concerned, are shifting, real thought and planning goes into considering wood recycling, and preserve as much wood as possible for reuse and recycle.

The finding of untreated timber is but the first step, however. In the past, there was always an issue of what to do with the wood to reuse it in a positive manner? Wastewood has long been seen as so low-quality that it has zero use. How then, would demand be built for anything made from recycled wood? We’ve keyed in on the solution: creating value-added wood recycled products like mulch and firewood, both so ubiquitous that they have a use anywhere. Anyone with a fireplace enjoys getting cosy, and will need wood to burn. Mulch is a precious component of any landscaping project and helps greenery stand out. We’ve even turned old wood into playground surfacing, with the environment and wellbeing of the kids in mind!

Why goodwood is the Choice for Wood Recycling in Tauranga

It’s because we are so dedicated to earth and our fellow man. We believe that doing good feels great, and are always striving to ensure that our customers receive the best service and products. We always treat our clients well, and the recycled products we manufacture are certified and meet required safety standards. If you have some wastewood you need taken care of, or are looking for a service to do wood recycling in Tauranga, give us a call on 0508 446 639 today. For more information, click here.