Small pick-up Truck

Large pick-up Truck

Terms and Conditions

Minimum charge of 15 pallets.

All wood must be untreated

All wood must be clean and free of rubbish, plastics etc.

All wood must be tidily stacked and easily accessible.

All pick ups will be invoiced weekly.  

Casual 7 day accounts must fill out the causal account application form, as attached

20th following accounts can be opened upon phone request.

All account applications must be retuned to our Goodwood office prior to your first pick up from 1 February 2018.

A regular sized pallet is 1 x 1.20m.

All oversized pallets are charged on a discretionary basis decided by our truck drivers. They also have the right to refuse any over-sized pallets if necessary. 

Our driver will complete a docket stating the number of stacks, name, date and company and give you a signed copy.

A company representative must be available to sign the docket.