Explore our woodwaste collection service and let us save the world together 


Woodwaste collection

Regular woodwaste collection, just let us know and we will book it in. 

Convenient Contracts

7 day invoicing or monthly contracts available. Give us a call to discuss the best option for you.

Scheduled Service

Let us know whether you need weekly, fortnighly, monthly or just casual pick up. We can schedule according to your needs.

Woodwaste Drop-off

If you don't have the minimum of 15 pallets or want to drop-off your wood waste, you can do so on a Thursday or by prior appointment

Flexible Loads - no locked contracts

Whether you just need 15 pallets picked up or 150 we can do it all with just one truck.

Per stack charging

We won't charge you for a whole truck if you only need space for a stack or two. 

We would love to pick up your wood waste

Too much to do and not enough time to deal with that stack of pallets? Don't feel like you have an option but to throw them out? Save the Planet "one pallet at a time".

Wood waste management is our passion.

We ensure that your wood waste doesn't end up in landfill, instead it goes back to the environment where it belongs.

Benefits to You

  • Giving your waste wood to us is an effortless way to do good, and doing good feels great 
  • It is, and always will be the easiest way to get rid of your wood waste in an environmentally friendly way.  
  • It is cheaper than giving it to your local transfer station 
  • You can be assured that the wood and the fees are used for the good of your community 
  • We aim to make this world a better place and we will continue to do so for a very long time 
  • It is easy and convenient for you  
  • Eliminates big fire hazard from your business premises  

See what difference we have already made

Every week we ensure that less wood goes to landfill

"In the past two years we have collected 2,500 tonnes of wood waste, which could have otherwise ended up in landfill."

"Many landfills are already at capacity and we are increasing our waste production every year, we need to reverse this trend NOW."

"Untreated timber is a nutrient rich waste product. These nutrients should be re-introduced into the environment. Using mulch is a fantastic way to do so, as it breaks down and releases the nutrients into the plants."

Start saving the world one pallet at a time TODAY