Mulch Wholesale - Auckland & Wellington

What Does Mulch Do and Where Can You Find If for Wholesale Prices in Wellington or Auckland?

It doesn’t matter what type of landscaping project you are trying to undertake. Be it a residential yard, garden, commercial development or even the land that runs alongside roads and motorways, mulch is a consistent component of the landscaping process. At Goodwood, our first-time customers often wonder what it is that mulch actually does, and why it is so important for so many different types of landscaping.

Why Mulch Matters for Landscaping

The first thing that is important to understand about mulch is that it is not defined by any specific type of material. At Goodwood, we sell wholesale timber mulch in Wellington, but not all mulches are made from wooden materials. On the contrary, mulch can be either organic (grass clippings, decaying leaves, compost, etc.) or non-organic (gravel, pebbles, stones or even plastic).

Instead of being a specific material, mulch is defined by its function. Specifically, mulch is meant to retain water or moisture, inhibit weed growth, moderate soil temperature (keep it from getting too hot or too cold) and prevent soil erosion. Mulch can also moderate the temperature of plant roots—again, keeping them from getting too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter and fall.

Sometimes, landscapers will use mulch for aesthetic purposes, to give a space a cohesive and consistent look while also preventing weed growth and flooding. Often, though, mulch is used to aid in the growth of plants—either for gardens or for landscaping settings that feature an array of different shrubs, bushes, flowers and other plants. For the latter purpose, organic mulches are better, as they break down over time, nurturing the soil and drawing earthworms and other beneficial creatures to your garden to till the soil. Since Goodwood’s wholesale mulch is not only made from timber but also features no herbicides or chemicals, it is particularly beneficial for plants and organic growing.

Finding Wholesale Mulch in Auckland and Wellington

If you are shopping for wholesale mulch in Auckland or Wellington, Goodwood can help. Our mulch is made from natural, untreated and recycled timber, for the smallest environmental footprint possible.

Goodwood Coloured Garden Mulch or Natural Garden Mulch are both great for home or commercial gardening or landscaping; Goodfall by Goodwood is a specialised type of playground surfacing that is completely free of arsenic and other harmful chemicals, and we even offer Motorway Roadside Mulch for larger public works projects. All of these mulch varieties are available in different quantities, depending on your landscaping needs, and all of them sell for competitive wholesale prices.

Whether you are an individual homeowner, a business owner or a government official, we welcome your wholesale mulch enquiries. Simply send Goodwood an email at to make your enquiry. Let us know the basic details of your project, how much mulch you will need and what type of mulch you would prefer and we will get back to you ASAP with a pricing estimate!