Goodwood Cambium Bark Mulch is a great alternative to our Goodwood Coloured Garden Mulch.

Goodwood Cambium Bark is a shredded bark mulch that derives from the ‘cambium’ layer of the bark of the sustainably harvested New Zealand Pinus Radiata tree.

Goodwood Cambium Bark offers:

  • a natural looking and weed surpressing garden mulch
  • enviornmentally friendly mulch that will break down into your garden and soil
  • helps to keep the soil around plants at a healthy temperature throughout the seasons

If you are a Commercial Landscaper or own a Landscape Yard and would like to order Goodwood Cambium Bark Mulch direct from our Mount Maunganui and Hamilton yards, give us a call on 0508 4 GOODWOOD (0508 446 639).

Or enquire via the CONTACT US form HERE.