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Boost the Value of Your Home: Landscape with Goodwood as Your Gardening Mulch Supplier in Wellington and Auckland, New Zealand

Whether you are looking to add kerb appeal to your home or increase its value in hopes of selling it in the near future, landscaping is a worthwhile investment. Indeed, landscape is typically ranked in the top 10 home improvement projects to help sell or increase the value of your home. For a relatively small amount of money, you could drastically improve the landscaped appearance of your property—dramatically increasing the value of your home in the process.

Introducing Goodwood Garden Mulch

At Goodwood, we can help you get started with your landscaping today. We are a gardening mulch supplier, but unlike many of our competitors, are not a corporate entity. Instead, we are a more home-grown business with a mission that we believe will appeal to homeowners like you. Specifically, we want to do our part in preserving the planet for future generations. We achieve this goal by keeping untreated timber products out of the landfill and recycling it to create high-quality, nature-friendly wood products.

As a result, if you come to Goodwood for your gardening mulch needs in Wellington or Auckland, you will get a product that has been manufactured with sustainability in mind. We offer two types of gardening mulch—Goodwood Coloured Garden Mulch and Natural Garden Mulch—and both are made completely from untreated and recycled timber. Our Coloured Garden Mulch is dyed with an environmentally friendly oxide stain and comes in three colours: black, brown and red. Our Natural Garden Mulch, meanwhile, uses no dye—natural oxide or otherwise—but is still available in black, brown and red hues.

Regardless of which type of mulch you choose; you get a product that is not treated with any unnatural chemicals or toxins. Often, mulches are treated with herbicides to aid in weed prevention. Residues from treated wood can leach into the soil, causing several different issues you might wish to avoid. On one hand, the chemicals in treated mulch are artificial and therefore the wrong choice if you wish to start an organic garden. On the other hand, even if your main goal is landscaping and not gardening, treated mulch can lead to traces of chemicals like arsenic and chromium in your soil—dangerous substances for children especially.

When you choose Goodwood for your gardening mulch in New Zealand, you get mulch that inhibits weed growth, retains moisture, cools soil and looks great—all without having to take the risk with chemical leaching. There is a reason why more and more landscapers, home gardeners and developers are choosing Goodwood’s Coloured Garden Mulch or Natural Garden Mulch.

Start Shopping for Gardening Mulch in Auckland or Wellington

Perhaps you are putting your home on the market in six months and want to make sure you can get the highest sale price possible out of it. Maybe you just want to surround your house with beautiful gardens and landscaping. Either way, starting with Goodwood as your garden mulch supplier in New Zealand is the right way to begin. Call us on 0508 4 GOODWOOD to enquire about our products.