Garden Wood Chips - Wellington

Goodwood Supplies Garden Wood Chips in Wellington

Are you looking for a steady supply of wood chips for your Wellington property this year? Find them at Goodwood, the local provider of value-added wood products. With our passion for the environment and the latest in innovation, we provide landscape products for homeowners and businesses, motorway roadside mulch, and firewood to areas all around Wellington. It is our mission to use untreated timber and turn it into products that can be re-used. Our efforts help to prevent tonnes of wood from ever reaching a landfill.

Creating Garden Wood Chips in Wellington

At Goodwood, the products we create are made from untreated timber. The timber is ground into wood chips that can be used for a variety of purposes. We acquire untreated timber from many businesses throughout New Zealand. Instead of sending the timber to landfill, Goodwood can take your wood waste problem and turn it into a positive. To get the best finished products, we require clean untreated wood waste. There can be no cable ties, plastic, or metal brackets mixed in with the wood.

Once we have clean timber and have turned it into wood chips for Wellington homeowners, we can produce two types of garden mulch – coloured and natural. Coloured garden mulch is dyed with an oxide stain that is environmentally friendly. The mulch can be used as a covering for flower beds, gardens, and more. We also manufacture natural garden mulch, which is not coloured and maintains its original wood colour.

Wood Chips for Playground Use

Goodwood also manufactures Goodfall Playground Mulch. It is also made from untreated timber and is the perfect surface material for playgrounds. The mulch is environmentally friendly and provides a nice soft cushion for the little ones in your life. Fall safety ratings for wood chips used as a surface covering at playgrounds are higher than alternative surface areas.

Commercial Use

Some of the mulch we produce is turned into Goodwood Motorway Roadside Mulch. It is also created from untreated timber. Like our garden wood chips in Wellington, roadside mulch helps to retain moisture and slow the growth of weeds. It also inhibits the growth of weeds and keeps the soil cool. Roadside mulch can enhance the beauty of a roadway.

Goodwood Also Produces Firewood

In addition to wood chips, Goodwood also provides firewood to North Island customers. We specialise in split pine and pine off-cuts and can work with virtually any firewood budget. You can stock up at any time. It is advised that you don’t wait until it is winter before placing your order. The last thing you want to hear is that there is a two or three week wait for quality firewood.

All of our firewood is locally sourced and helps to save tonnes of wood from landfills. The wood is guaranteed to be untreated. You can be confident knowing that you are not polluting the air while burning Goodwood firewood. For more information on how to purchase our firewood or wood chips, give us a call on 0508 446 639 or send us an email at