Garden Wood Chips - Auckland

Uses for Garden Wood Chips on Your Auckland Property

There are many uses for garden wood chips on your Auckland property. Goodwood, located in Mount Maunganui, manufacturers quality natural and coloured bark from recycled timber. With a passion for saving the planet and preserving our environment, we provide high-quality value-added wood products such as wood chips to individuals and businesses for a wide variety of uses. These wood chips are a form of organic gold and can be used many different ways, even a few that you may not have realised. Come to Goodwood and get your bark for any of the following.

The Obvious – Mulch

At Goodwood, we take untreated timber and turn it into wood chips. Our natural and coloured garden mulch is used by homeowners who do their own landscaping and landscaping companies. The bark is laid to help plants accomplish two things – stay warm and retain moisture. Our mulch is very lightweight and mats together to help retain water. The wood chips on your Auckland property will also inhibit the growth of weeds. This makes it much easier to maintain your garden beds. When using our wood chips for mulch, you can spread a layer on in the spring to make your garden look clean and beautiful. The process can be repeated in the fall to help protect your plants from freezing temperatures.

Using Wood Chips in Auckland as Fuel

Wood, in any form, makes a great fuel. Goodwood wood chips are useful for starting fires and as a fuel for small, controlled fires. Used in large quantities, they can also be used in biomass reactors which are used to provide heat and power engines. While it may seem like a thing of the past, using wood as a fuel is safe and less damaging to the environment than using fossil fuels.

Use for Composting Material

Because wood chips contain carbon, they are especially good for your soil. You can build up your soil by adding bark as mulch. Wood chips are the perfect ingredient to your compost. The wood will help break down and enrich the dirt. You will find the soil looking darker and richer, which means that it is much more nutritious for any plants that use it.

Another Classic Use – Walkways

If you are considering an alternative to a paved walkway, think about using wood chips. They are great for making a walkway because they can help to even out areas that of the ground that aren’t so even. Wood chips also provide the suppression of weeds. You can even further slow weed growth by laying down a weed barrier before creating the walkway. Doing so will help the walkway to last longer. Remove any large debris from the area so that people will not trip and fall.

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