Garden Bark - New Zealand, Auckland & Wellington

Why Garden Bark Is the Right Choice for Your Mulch Needs (And Which Supplier to Use in Auckland, Wellington and on New Zealand’s North Island)

When it comes to choosing the right mulch, you have several major questions to ask yourself first. What kind of crop are you hoping to grow? Are you looking to keep your garden completely organic? What kind of aesthetic do you want from your garden landscaping? Do you think an organic or non-organic mulch is ideal for the job?

At Goodwood, we want to help simplify the decision making process. As a garden bark supplier, we offer a high quality range of garden bark that can lend both aesthetic and growth properties to your landscaping. Perhaps best of all, we only use untreated timber in our mulch, which means that you will never have to worry about unwanted or dangerous chemicals leaching into your soil.

The Advantages of Goodwood Garden Bark in New Zealand

Goodwood operates and distributes to New Zealand’s north island, which means that homeowners in major cities including Auckland and Wellington can easily take advantage of our two types of garden bark. These different ranges — Goodwood Coloured Garden Mulch and Natural Garden Mulch—are similar in colour and properties. The former range of garden bark merely uses an environmentally friendly oxide stain to bring out its colours a bit more, while the latter is completely natural.

What are the advantages of choosing Goodwood garden bark as your mulch of choice in Wellington or Auckland? Here are a few of the factors that make our bark perfect for landscaping and organic gardening.

  • The bark itself is organic: Some types of mulch are treated with herbicides or other chemicals or are made from CCA (Copper Chromium Arsenic) treated timber. These chemicals go against the organic pledge and make it impossible to grow a completely organic garden. Since Goodwood barks are untreated with either CCA or herbicides, they are perfect for organic home gardeners.
  • It inhibits weed growth: Even though we don’t treat Goodwood garden bark with herbicides, it still helps to block weed growth while also promoting the growth of crop plants. The density and weight of timber bark make it good for inhibiting weed germination while the moisture retention capability of the product helps promote plant growth.
  • It lasts for years: Timber garden barks compost slowly, which means that they do not need to be replenished or topped off very frequently. Lay down a layer of Goodwood garden bark once and it will last for years.
  • It looks great: If you choose Goodwood as your garden bark supplier, you will get three colour options for your bark: red, brown and black. (These colours are the same regardless of whether you choose Coloured Garden Mulch or Natural Garden Mulch.) At Goodwood, we often hear from customers who switched from other mulch types to our garden bark. Almost unanimously, these commenters praise the natural aesthetic of our bark and how it complements the other features of their landscaping. Particularly if you have used non-organic mulches in the past—like stone or gravel—you will appreciate the rustic and earthy look that Goodwood garden bark brings to your yard.

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