Ok I’ll be honest, I was only down at the yard for an hour

Considering it was an hour spent in the sun, rather than at the desk, it was great!

The yard workers couldn’t stop themselves from smiling at my bizarre outfit choice of maxi dress with steel cap boots and high-vis vest, but safety first! To my surprise, I found the whole site visit fascinating and quite interesting.

Piles of wood waste, boxes of old nails, tons of mulch…Our Operations manager gave me my first tour of the yard. He explained how the old piles of wood get sorted, how they test the wood for product suitability and what happens to it as it goes through the machines. At the end, the machines spit out a massive pile of mulch or wood chip. Then it needs to be turned, or moved or transported off on a regular basis.

It’s interesting to see just HOW much wood waste we actually prevent from going to landfill. I only see the numbers on a spreadsheet, but really couldn’t picture what that meant. There were a few stacks around. One of the most recent wood waste collections consisted of 400 pallets and they were due to pick up another 600 from the same company.

wood waste recycling     wood waste recycling

I had no idea how much R&D goes into our products. He explained to me how they find the right ratios of different wood waste materials to make the best products possible. The testing is even more fascinating, as the team at the yard makes sure that each product reaches the right product standards. For example, Goodfall Playground Surfacing and animal bedding need to be absolutely clear of nails and debris. We realise the potential of injury, harm and consequences if we don’t get it right.

wood waste recycling      wood waste recycling

I couldn’t really stop myself from taking more photos than necessary. Although it’s not quite the same it might give you a greater idea of how we help others do good with wood.

wood waste recycling