Buy Mulch - Auckland & Wellington

Want a Home Improvement Project that Will Increase Your Home’s Value? Buy Mulch for Your Auckland or Wellington Property from Goodwood

Each year, homeowners around New Zealand look for different ways to increase the value of their homes. Often, the projects that they take on require homeowners to take out loans because they are so expensive. Home improvement projects do not need to break the bank. One of the simplest and least expensive ways to increase your property value is simply improving your landscaping. An easy project is enhancing the look of your flower beds. Buy mulch from local provider Goodwood and you will be stunned at how much the value of your property will increase just by improving its kerb appeal.

Why Buy Mulch in Auckland from Goodwood

Goodwood cares deeply about the environment and believes it can make a difference in making our communities greener. We manufacture different types of mulch using untreated timber. This wood waste is collected and turned into Goodwood Natural Garden Mulch and Goodwood Coloured Garden Mulch. Both products are great for homeowners that are looking to enrich the look of their property. Nothing looks better than a freshly manicured lawn and beautiful flower beds full of brand new mulch. When you buy mulch in Wellington from Goodwood, you are not only getting a product that will make your property look better but you are receiving a product that will slow the growth of weeds and help to retain water for your plants and flowers. Our coloured mulch is available in three different colours: red, black, and brown.

Use Mulch for Other Purposes

You can buy mulch for your Auckland property from Goodwood for the purpose of making a walkway. Lay down a weed barrier and cover it with our natural or coloured mulch and you will have a beautiful addition to your property. We also sell Goodfall Playground Mulch, which can be used for play area surfacing. Like our natural and coloured garden mulch, playground mulch is manufactured from untreated timber. It provides a great cushion for kids in their play area. Bark also provides a non-slip surface on which kids can play. Not only do we care about the environment, but we care about the well-being of all children too.

Other Landscaping Projects that Add Value

Besides adding mulch to your flower and garden beds, there are other landscaping projects that homeowners can undertake that can lead to gains in property value. Planting trees, shrubs, and flowers can surely enhance a home’s look and they are relatively inexpensive ways to make a home look better. Other projects that increase a home’s value include things like adding a swimming pool, putting up fencing and adding outdoor lighting.

Putting in a swimming pool is a very costly investment, one that few homeowners can afford to do correctly. Pools can cost thousands of dollars and the return on the investment is often not even dollar for dollar. Projects like fencing can also be pretty costly depending upon the amount and type of fencing chosen. Adding outdoor lighting is an easier way to improve the overall look of your property as is the addition of a fire pit. Homeowners can often add a fire pit on their own. Still, one of the easiest landscaping home improvement projects is to buy mulch. To learn more about purchasing mulch from Goodwood, give us a call at 0508 4 GOODWOOD or 0508 446 639.