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Buy from Goodwood as Your Bark and Mulch Supplier in Wellington

Launched in 2015, Goodwood is a timber company that seeks to provide safer and more environmentally friendly wood products. Specifically, we focus on bark and mulch products for landscaping, gardening and other similar purposes. All Goodwood products use untreated timber, with three clear benefits for the environment.

First, since we rescue most of our timber from landfills, we do our part in reusing materials instead of letting them take up space in a dump somewhere. Second, since we recycle that timber and use it to create our bark and mulch—and since we have customers who use our mulch instead of going with another company—we help save a few extra trees from being ground up into new bark or mulch. Third, and finally, since our timber is not treated with chemicals or herbicides, our barks and mulches never leach any harmful chemicals into the soil.

A Versatile Bark Supplier

Do these three green factors have you thinking about working with Goodwood for your future Wellington bark needs? If so, you will be happy to learn that, in addition to being an environmentally friendly company, we are also a versatile one.

Indeed, using our recycled and untreated timber, we can create a variety of different products for a range of different purposes. Here are a few applications that our barks and mulches have been used for in our first year of business alone:

  • Residential Landscaping: Whether it’s a pool and patio area or a big expanse of front yard where you don’t want to deal with a lawn, Goodwood’s mulch varieties can provide a beautifully natural aesthetic to your space. Our bark inhibits weed growth and is available in three earthy colours (red, brown and black)—perfect for any residential landscaping job.
  • Organic Gardening: When customers come to Goodwood looking to buy bark in Wellington, they are often drawn to us because of the organic nature of our product. Since our timber features no herbicide or chemical treatments, it is the ideal type of bark for organic gardening. It also retains moisture well, keeps the soil cool and fights weeds—giving your crops the foundation they need to grow and flourish.
  • Playground and Park Landscaping: Goodfall by Goodwood is a type of timber bark designed specifically for playground surfacing. Goodfall bark meets Ministry of Education guidelines for Playground Surfacing Safety—thanks in part to the fact that it features no arsenic, chromium or copper. The chemical-free nature of our bark makes it the perfect choice for Wellington playgrounds and parks.
  • Commercial Needs: Goodwood is a bark supplier for some Wellington public works projects, with our Motorway Roadside Mulch ideal for roadside landscaping. Our bark can also be useful for other commercial needs, like business park landscaping.

Buy Bark in Wellington; Get in Touch with Goodwood Today

Whether the project is a small residential garden plot or a massive motorway reconstruction, Goodwood is the go-to source for Wellington bark. Whether you are a home gardener, a commercial landscaper or a real estate developer, we are happy to speak to you about your bark enquiry. Send us an email at to get started today.