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Start Playground Projects off Safer, with the Right Bark Supplier in Auckland

In 2009, the U.S. News & World Report published a report about a growing health risk: the presence of arsenic on school playgrounds. The report cited a study by Tulane University in New Orleans, which had tracked 38 playgrounds and found arsenic in …read more.

Buy from Goodwood as Your Bark and Mulch Supplier in Wellington

Launched in 2015, Goodwood is a timber company that seeks to provide safer and more environmentally friendly wood products. Specifically, we focus on bark and mulch products for landscaping, gardening and other similar purposes. All Goodwood …read more.

Looking to Buy Firewood in Tauranga? Get the Facts on Recycled Firewood

Every year some expert argues why the need for firewood is disappearing in the modern age, and every year, the need for firewood remains. If you’re one of the many faithful who still has their fireplace and loves to get a good fire going, you’ll want to …read more.

Want a Home Improvement Project that Will Increase Your Home’s Value? Buy Mulch for Your Auckland or Wellington Property from Goodwood

Each year, homeowners around New Zealand look for different ways to increase the value of their homes. Often, the projects that they take on require homeowners to take out loans because they are so expensive. Home improvement projects do not need to …read more.

Turning Pallets into Coloured Mulch in Auckland and Wellington

You don’t think much of them, those pallets. They’re a mainstay of the logistics world and can be found in every single warehouse around the globe. Without pallets, transporting goods would be so cost-prohibitive it’d likely be impossible, and …read more.

What’s Old is New. The Process of Recycling Firewood in Rotorua

It’s a process that’s been around for decades. The idea of taking something that’s no longer in use, breaking it down, and turning it something usable again seems so intuitive that it shouldn’t even have to be discussed, right? If you think about …read more.

Why Garden Bark Is the Right Choice for Your Mulch Needs (And Which Supplier to Use in Auckland, Wellington and on New Zealand’s North Island)

When it comes to choosing the right mulch, you have several major questions to ask yourself first. What kind of crop are you hoping to grow? Are you looking to keep your garden completely organic? What kind of aesthetic do you want from your garden …read more.

Why Use Garden Mulch? The Auckland Mulch Experts Explain.

So you’re getting your garden together, or maybe just starting to do some research on gardening, and you’ve come across the issue of mulching. “To mulch, or not to mulch?”, you might be wondering, or “what mulch is right for me?”, or “how do I even get …read more.

Boost the Value of Your Home: Landscape with Goodwood as Your Gardening Mulch Supplier in Wellington and Auckland, New Zealand

Whether you are looking to add kerb appeal to your home or increase its value in hopes of selling it in the near future, landscaping is a worthwhile investment. Indeed, landscape is typically ranked in the top 10 home improvement projects to help sell …read more.

Find Garden Mulch in Wellington from a Supplier Who Understands What it Means to Think Green

If you love gardening, then you are also probably a person who thinks a little more than most about the world that we live in. Gardening puts people a little closer to nature, and in that case, also makes you think a little bit more about the …read more.

What Does Mulch Do and Where Can You Find If for Wholesale Prices in Wellington or Auckland?

It doesn’t matter what type of landscaping project you are trying to undertake. Be it a residential yard, garden, commercial development or even the land that runs alongside roads and motorways, mulch is a consistent component of the landscaping process …read more.

Find What You Need in a Playground Bark Supplier in New Zealand Locations Such as Auckland and Wellington

Finding the right playground bark supplier can take some time and effort. After all, there are many things to take into consideration, and you need to ensure that the playground bark that you use meets the Ministry of Education guidelines for …read more.

Uses for Garden Wood Chips on Your Auckland Property

There are many uses for garden wood chips on your Auckland property. Goodwood, located in Mount Maunganui, manufacturers quality natural and coloured bark from recycled timber. With a passion for saving the planet and preserving our …read more.

Goodwood Supplies Garden Wood Chips in Wellington

Are you looking for a steady supply of wood chips for your Wellington property this year? Find them at Goodwood, the local provider of value-added wood products. With our passion for the environment and the latest in innovation, we provide landscape …read more.

The Amazing World of Wood Recycling in Tauranga And Hamilton

It’s an amazing world that we live in today, no? Technology has enabled man to shape the planet in ways once thought unimaginable. Using modern construction techniques, we have been able to craft grand cities and buildings using the materials from our …read more.

Need to Get Rid of Wood Waste in Tauranga, Rotorua or Hamilton? Call Goodwood

Does your business produce a large amount of wood waste? Help us help our environment by preventing wood waste in Tauranga from ending up in landfills. At Goodwood, we are passionate about preserving our planet for future generations and do our part to …read more.

How to Find a Quality Mulch Supplier in Auckland for Your DIY Project

When you are looking for a quality mulch supplier in Auckland, there are several things that you want to keep in mind. First and foremost, you want to ensure that you are getting a quality product that will work well for the project that you have …read more.