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Looking to Buy Firewood in Tauranga? Get the Facts on Recycled Firewood

Our firewood prices starts from $70 per m³.  Contact us for more info on 0508 446 639, or read more here.

Every year some expert argues why the need for firewood is disappearing in the modern age, and every year, the need for firewood remains. If you’re one of the many faithful who still has their fireplace and loves to get a good fire going, you’ll want to get some of this expert knowledge we’re dispensing for you. Before you buy firewood in Tauranga, there are some facts that you need to consider that could weigh into your decision on where to procure your wood.

Firewood Options

There are a number of choices that you have for getting your wood. You could go old school, head out into the forest, and start chopping, right? You’re bound to find some good trees to fell, but which ones? Should you go hardwood or softwood? You could probably find some good beech, and we all know that burns great, right? How will you identify it, though? How long will you need to let it dry? How will you get it back home? What if the wood has insects in it? What if you touch something poisonous while you’re out there? Seems getting your firewood this way would just raise more questions than it would answer, no?

You could go with one of those firewood dealers. They treat the wood to kill pests, source the firewood locally in most places, and are generally safe to do business with, but they charge an arm and a leg. Exorbitant prices probably aren’t what you’re looking for in your firewood purchasing experience, if we were to wager.

There’s the option of getting one of those compressed fire logs. They’re usually cheap, they burn easily and for a long time. They’re made from renewable resources and burn pretty clean. So what’s the drawback? They’re so boring! No soul, those fire logs. Sterile, antiseptic, the exact antithesis of cool. This option is a no go too. You’re will need something better to satisfy your burning desire for firewood.

The Place to go for Firewood in Tauranga

Have you considered getting recycled firewood? Think about it. You can save your wallet and the environment at the same time! There’s no need to head out into the forest and get besieged by aggressive tree insects, you won’t break the bank dealing with those other firewood dealers, and you’ll earn some brownie points for factoring the welfare of the planet into your purchasing decision because doing good feels great. Goodwood specialises in both pine off-cuts and split pine, and can cater to all firewood needs and budgets. You can pick up from our retail yard, or we can deliver to your home, and you’ll always get the exact quantity that you ordered. Don’t wait for winter to get your wood, stock up with our affordable and environmentally friendly option. If you need to buy firewood in Tauranga, give us a call on 0508 446 639 or email us at today. We are here to handle all your pressing firewood needs.