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What’s Old is New. The Process of Recycling Firewood in Rotorua

It’s a process that’s been around for decades. The idea of taking something that’s no longer in use, breaking it down, and turning it something usable again seems so intuitive that it shouldn’t even have to be discussed, right? If you think about it, though, how many people know what goes into the recycling process. What steps are taken to turn stacks of old newspapers into environmentally friendly writing paper for school kids, or a discarded piece of lumber into some handy firewood for your antique wood stove or fireplace? Cutting edge wood recycling company Goodwood, a premium supplier of recycled mulch, playground surfaces, and firewood in Rotorua has the pertinent details on just how that wood gets turned from old to new again.

Where Does the Wood Come from?

There are a number of sources for reclaimed wood, but it primarily comes from one of three sources: Municipal Waste (when households dispose of wood like furniture and packaging), Industrial/Commercial Waste (which is exactly as it sounds, waste left behind from industrial and commercial manufacture of furniture, construction products, packaging and the like), and Construction/Demolition Waste (the leftover material from the construction or demolition of a building). In years past, large amounts of this timber would just end up in landfills, taking up space. In the present day, there is an ever growing demand for recycled wood.

How is the Wood Used?

In the case of some kinds of wood, it can be taken from salvage, then be re-cut and refinished for use in the construction of a new building. Another way to recycle wood is by breaking it down. This broken down wood can be turned into wood pellets to power homes and power plants or into bark to line playgrounds/parks/swing sets. Alternatively, it can become different varieties of mulch for landscaping and gardening projects. The waste wood can be shredded, either using a wood shredder or process like Water Vapour Explosion (WVE) and then stuck back together with adhesives to create composite woods like laminates. One of the biggest demands for reclaimed wood is for use as firewood. It has the upside of saving landfills from the hassles of dealing with excess wood waste, being ideal for burning, and available year round.

The advantages of recycling wood can hardly be expressed enough. In addition to being an excellent alternative to unsustainable methods of construction by limiting the need for heavy reliance on procuring raw wood from forests, it is more cost-effective and provides a safer option than just throwing large quantities of waste wood into a landfill somewhere.

Where to go for Recycled Wood or Firewood In Rotorua?

If you’re looking to buy firewood in Rotorua, consider the recycled firewood option, and pick Goodwood. We specialise in locally-sourced pine off-cuts and split pine, and ensure that all the wood we offer is free of environmentally harmful chemicals. You can assist the environment and your budget all at the same time. Call us today on 0508 446 639 to learn more about our firewood and other recycled wood products.